WW15 Look 2

  • SumoMe

It wasn’t that cold today and I was going to dinner right after work so I decided to dress it up a bit. I have 2 dresses in my 40 piece winter wardrobe just for this type of occasion.
































This pale blue skater dress is from The Limited, there is a seem right above the waist and for some reason I feel like I have to cover it up LOL so I did with a thin black and white spotted belt. I used to buy belts that were as close to my size as possible, BUT I have now started buying belts that barely fit me on the last notch. Why you may ask, because with the extra length you could do fun and cute things like tie a knot!

So even though it wasn’t THAT cold, it was still chilly! I wore wool tights with over the knee knitted socks to keep my chicken sticks warm. Also you should always wear long socks with knee high or over the knee boots.

Speaking of boots, don’t you just love winter for all the cute boots?! These are a Christmas present from my FiancĂ©, Cole Haan boots. Oh Andrew how did you know? (If you didn’t know you will soon find out that Cole Haan’s are my absolute favorite and the heart of my shoe collection.























My necklace is a silver chain with two charms: a Tiffany heart and a James Avery charm of The Virgin of Guadalupe.



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