WW15 Look 14

  • SumoMe

This look for my Winter Wardrobe had to be one of the most fun up todate! My sweet little Nuggies kept getting in all my shots! He was rolling around the carpet, meowing at me when I wasn’t giving him attention, and kept rubbing his face all over my mirror and phone. What a buddy! He pretty much follows me around in the morning. From the time we wake up (he sleeps on my pillow above my head), to my morning shower (he gets in between the shower curtains to paw at the water), and last he sits with me at my vanity watching me put on my makeup. Though that’s pretty much all the time he gives me and sleeps the rest of the day, then at bedtime it starts all over. Enjoy the Nuggie bombed photos!


Leather leggings from Club Monaco, patent leather shoes from Gianni Binni, stripped shirt from Banana Republic, and heavy charmed necklace from Bebe.


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  1. Amy says: Reply

    Hi Nuggies!
    Love the outfit. Those shoes are awesome!

    1. stylemixtape says: Reply

      Thanks Amy! Switching to my snow boots if I’m going to make it through this storm!

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