WW15 Look 1

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This is my first winter wardrobe outfit! I’m so excited to start this capsule, I’m such a shopper and need to cut back on spending. I do have favorite designers/brands that I frequently visit but for the next 3 months I am going to stick with this and hopefully this leads to a bigger bank account and better selection of clothes 🙂












































































So let me tell you the history about these pieces.

I bought this sweater from Ann Taylor a few years back (I was going through my turtle neck phase) and I put it in my closet and completely forgot about it. Forgot so much that I actually bought a similar gold/brown ribbed turtle neck from bebe, Doh! I am determined to wear this more, I mean come on, if I bought 2 of them without even knowing I have to wear at least one! Honestly I wish the sleeves were a tad longer but the temperature is always changing in my office so this works for now.

I love love love dark denim jeans, I really should have more in this wardrobe but I want to see if I actually do use the lighter or medium colored jeans I have, if I don’t then I will donate them. There is no sense of wasting space in your closet for items you don’t like or wear. These were $10 jeans from Forever 21! Now $10 is a great deal but you get what you paid for, these jeans won’t last me past this wardrobe, so I know I’ll have to replace them.

Now the shoes, these are my “cowboy but not really cowboy boots”. They have a western look, though it’s not like I’m ready to do the Boot Scootin Boogie. Now I’m a Tejana – which means I’m a Texan Mexican. I love both cultures with all my heart and when I get a chance to play in the Texas Rodeo world I do! Look up San Antonio Stock Show & Rodeo http://www.sarodeo.com/ Oh and I actually got these boots in Texas at Bakers Shoes 🙂 .

Last but not least, my statement jacket! This is my Michael Kors aviator jacket that I bought on super sale at the MK store. It is so damn warm that who cares if my turtle neck isn’t long sleeve. I love this jacket! My problem is that though my Bakers Boots do go well with the outfit I don’t see them fitting that great with the jacket. But just know that it really doesn’t matter THAT much, I take the jacket off at my desk and don’t put it back on until I leave.

Top: Ann Taylor

Bottoms: Forever 21


Jacket: Michael Kors




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