WW15 Look 26

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It has been so cold for the past 3-4 weeks and I really haven’t had a chance to wear any other shoes other than my 4 winter boots. Hmmmm does that mean next Winter Wardrobe I should have 6 winter boots instead of 4? Maybe I won’t get so bored grabbing the same pair every day? Something to think about for next year’s Winter Wardrobe. Though today I pushed myself and wore my suede loafers, they are water protected so don’t worry about that! Also since it was very cold this morning -3° F, I wore my leather leggings to cut some of that cold and I layered my ¾ sleeve white shirt under my black sweater. I actually saw a similar look on Pinterest (as I was surfing for ideas), though the pinner had a cropped black sweater.


Well my sweater has about 4 inches of a ribbed band starting from the bottom, all I did was tuck that under to give the illusion of a cropped black sweater! I’m pretty sure I’m going to be folding this under throughout the day, but I’m not too worried. I accessorized this look with a thin multi chain necklace that I got from Premier Design, it actually fit the look perfectly due to the blocks of color from silver to black to silver. I made sure that the silver part was even over the black, which made this pop without being too distracting. Especially since the white shirt has buttons, I don’t like too much going on at once.

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