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Ok so I have been dying to wear my Lips Sweater for Valentine’s Day! I am a hopeless romantic and saved this top all week to wear. Also this is a good note to remember: always have some sort of Valentine’s Day themed item in future Winter Wardrobes. Come to think of it…..every holiday will need to be accounted for each seasonal wardrobe.

 IMG_6874[1] IMG_6865[1]


So the big question is….how did I spend Valentine’s Day? Well my good friend Allison hosted a Galentine’s Day Brunch at her apt. There was so much food including a Bloody Mary and Mimosa Bar! She made this blueberry french toast entree that had to been the best breakfast food I’ve had; homemade blueberry sauce drizzled over oven baked bread and cream cheese…YUMMY!!! She also made chilaquiles, a very traditional Mexican dish with corn tortillas. Though don’t confuse this with Migas, the Tex-Mex version of scrambled eggs with corn tortillas. Her version of this baked dish was done very well with whole eggs that cooked on top. I ended the night with Andrew watching a movie and cuddling on the sofa. <3 <3 <3




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