WW15 Look 19

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Yesterday I attended this amazing talk about beauty and fashion: trends and forecast in New York City at the Union Club. So I didn’t get home until very late last night so I wanted to grab something quick and easy to wear today. Skinny jeans and my ¾ white shirt for Look 19 of my 2015 Winter Wardrobe; my biggest concern with adding this shirt to my collection was on creating different looks so I won’t be wearing the same thing every time. Now I understand that not everything has to have multiple looks, grab and go should be an option. I know it looks good, the cut and length fits me well, so for days like to day I should be able to throw something on and run out the door. I’m going to start a “Learning Page” and put what I’ve learned so far about my wardrobe, finances on spending, and my personal style.


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  1. Amy says: Reply

    Love that jacket!!!

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