Winter Wardrobe Looks 43-46 plus dinner TAO

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There is a fork on my Winter Wardrobe road…..should I continue to try and catch up all 90 days before April 1st OR should I just go day by day and then add a whole bunch of looks on my last post?
What to do? What to do?

Ok for my weekend post I’ll add an extra look and review one of my new fave NYC restaurants: TAO!

Look 43: I layered my New York and Company Leopard button down blouse with my Express black sweater and wore this look over the Club Monaco faux leather leggings. At first I had on my high heel patent leather pumps from Gianni Binni BUT it was too slippery outside so I switched to my black knee high black Cole Haan boots. Next time I try this look I’m going to style my hair and makeup with a rocker influence.


Look 44: I really love my swan graphic sweater from The Limited, this sweater has taken me pretty far in my Winter Wardrobe. When I think of swans I think of the ballet, so I styled my hair and accessories as such with pearl earings and a high bun. Then I grabbed my white Banana Republic skinny  cords and brown over the knee Cole Haan Boots and ran out the door.


Look 45: I have a love and hate relationship with this cable knit white Banana Republic sweater, it’s so warm and comfortable but it looks boxy and big on me. I have an easy time paring and styling it, but I’m not too happy with the overall shape. Next winter I’ll be on the lookout for something that flatters my figure while keeping me warm. I wore my Forever 21 skinny jeans with my brown over the knee Cole Haan Boots and accessorized with a multistand necklace from Premier Design.

Look 46: It was very cold so I grabbed by faux leather leggings from Club Monaco to help cut down some of the wind. I also grabbed my green cashmere sweater from Bloomingdale’s and wore my Lady Gaga inspired black and gold earrings.


I’ve been in the city a lot this winter and I’m trying to experience different restaurants each time I go BUT I can never pass up the opportunity to go to TAO. This place is nice. My girl Francis was the first who heard of it, you go to TAO for both the food and the ambiance.

It was a very packed night and everyone in the restaurant was either laughing, engaged in conversations or taking photos in front of the 16 foot tall Buddha. Meaning no one was bored. The front bar is also set up to be very social with low bench like seating, as if you are at a town picnic with rows and rows of benches and there is a person seated around you in all directions. Then once you sit down you can really taken in how awesome the space is. This location used to be a movie theater so you can imagine how massive that statue is (and if can’t here is a photo).

FullSizeRender (2)

There is also second floor with it’s own dining room, bar, and platform for the perfect photo op with the Buddha as your background. Oh and did I mention that there is a Koi pond under the Buddha???

You really have to think Asian Fusion – because the menu is not consistent as there are several transitions between Thailand, Japanese, Malaysian, and Chinese items. But really who cares? I want some sushi with my General Tso’s and a large sake. Though I actually had the Pork Potstickers with a Chili Sesame Glaze as an appetizer and for dinner the Crispy Coconut Shrimp with Spicy Thai Peanut Sauce. The shrimp were large and plump plus they didn’t stick to the coconut fried coating.


Overall this is a very fun restaurant to go to and I would definitely recommend it. But before you go there is one important thing, you need to prepare yourself and be ready to experience a place made for the Las Vegas social scene. All the women are dressed to the 9’s and the fellows follow. So this is the place to wear that hot number you have in the back of your closet, you know the one. 😉

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