What did I learn from my 2015 Winter Wardrobe?

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I’m just so proud of myself for not shopping during this past wardrobe! For those of you who know me personally know that my therapy is shopping! 🙂 This experience has taught me to “shop my closet” I was able to pick out all my pieces from what I currently own.

So what did I learn?

1) I found out that 3/4 sleeves are the perfect fit for me. Not only can I show off my wrist accessories but my sleeves don’t get in the way when I wear winter gloves or when I need to perform work duties.

2) Boot height does matter! At first I thought I was crazy for having 3 pairs of black boots and 3 pairs of brown boots (knee height, snow boots, and ankle boots), but after this winter it was definitely worth it!

3) Don’t bother with shoes not meant for cold weather during the months of Jan-March. I probably wore my black patent heels and black loafers a handful of times. Next Winter Wardrobe I’ll add colorful boots instead.

4) Keep a set number of nude shoes. First understand what nude means to you. There are 18 nudes in the color forecast (check my Services link) and you need to pick out 3 colors for what’s right for you and 3 colors for what’s in season. Then the last 3 are relevant for the season i.e. snow boots or sandals.

5) Plenty of skinny pants to tuck into your boots! Don’t bother with boot cut or floor touching pants because you’ll just get them wet from walking in the snow.

6) Don’t be afraid of dresses there were plenty of random warm days throughout the 3 months, plus it reminds you that Spring is around the corner! 🙂

7) One big thing I learned from this wardrobe is that I buy a lot of clothes that I really don’t use or can only be worn one way. This experience has forced me to wear clothes that I know realize are either duds or diamonds.

Here are my favorite pieces from my 2015 Winter Wardrobe:

Banana Republic White Skinny Cordouroys


 Club Monaco Black Faux Leather Skinny Pants

Look 11

Pay Half Berry Skinny Pants


BCBG Purple and Gold Multicolor Dress


Ann Taylor Gold Ribbed Turtleneck Sweater


Ann Taylor Black and White Striped 3/4 Shirt


The Limited Purple Blazer


The Limited Chambray Jean Shirt


The Limited Graphic Lips Sweater

Look 7

Cole Haan Black Knee High Boots


Cole Haan Brown Over the Knee Boots


Cole Haan Black Moto Boots

 Look 52

Stay tuned for My 2015 Spring Wardrobe!

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