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This Spring it’s all about velvet textures and peachy undertones for your face. Dewy is OUT. Matte is OUT. Velvet is IN. No matter your complexion, your finish matters. We all have seen the dramatic and statement eye makeup on Instagram, Pinterest, and even in my blog; but makeup artist are turning towards contouring. It’s all about that bass….I mean face!

So what does velvet skin look like? The texture is light with a creamy consistency and a trace of sheen, (in the right places). You want skin that looks polished, not wet. Dimension, not flat. So this is where the contouring will come in.

Daks Spring 2015 Ready to Wear Collection Flawless Velvet Skin Daks Spring 2015 Ready to Wear Collection Flawless Velvet Skin










So how can you achieve this look? Well there are several different ways. Since not all skin is the same, I’d recommend for you to keep trying until you find something that works for you.

Try these tips:

Work a facial oil into your skin before applying your foundation. There are all kinds of face oils on the market, though right now the biggest trend is Argan Oil. Josie Maran currently utilizes argan oil in two different facial oils; one normal version and one light. Experiment with one that works best for your needs. I’m currently using Clarins Lotus Face Treatment Oil, I warm it up in my hands and rub on my face and let it sit for a while, and then I apply my foundation. The key is to blend blend blend!

Josie Maran Facial Oil for Flawless Velvet Skin Clarins Face Oil for Flawless Velvet Skin






Contour around your face structure to create depth and warmness. You don’t want to look too bland, there should be some definition, but remember the goal is to keep everything looking velvety and soft to the touch.

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Another easy trick (if contouring is too hard for you, or you are still learning how to do this) is using a concealer and illuminating powder. Since your concealer is closer to your skin color it would be easier to start with that and then build to contouring, this holds true for the illuminating powder as well.

s1341023-main-hero-300 s1514280-main-hero-300 s1411990-main-hero-300






Don’t give up, keep trying these tips and find what works best for you. You can achieve effortless sophisticated beauty with some practice.

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