Time for a Change – Looks 26-27

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So I can’t make up my mind as to how I want to write posts for my blog. I’ve thought maybe I will write a post every day (or almost every day) about my Seasonal Wardrobe and have a post of every look. Though that is about 90 outfits every quarter! Then I thought maybe I should group them and post once for 1-2 weeks worth of looks. Would that be too many photos in one post? AHHHHHHH!!!!!

I have been reading other fashion and beauty blogs and everyone has their own style and structure. Wow there were 4 ands in that sentence! I feel that I have plenty of experience using (*cough* and making *cough*) beauty products and knowledge of designers, color, and trends. Then I saw the beginning of Julie and Julia at gym and found some inspiration as to how I should talk to my readers (PS. My Mom doesn’t read my blog!). Hopefully reinventing my blog post will help me and be more enjoyable for you to read. 🙂

For the past couple of days I have been running around like crazy at work. I had some fires to put out and some big project decisions. Plus I didn’t get to row on Monday due to the holiday and there were thunderstorms on Wed so I am dying to get back on the water. I did get a workout in and a yoga class but call me crazy that’s still not enough! Hopefully I get some gym time by the end of this week. I have been on such a health and fitness kick, my friends are prob tired of hearing about it LOL so with the new change for my blog….you will have to hear all about it!! Hahaha!!! Though I do want to hear about your routine or favorite healthy meal, so def comment below.

I’d like to keep on with my Spring Wardrobe as I honestly do feel that I am saving so much money and space! I have been cleaning out my closet and taking a long look as to what I do wear vs what I don’t. It has also helped me fall back in love with items that I have purchased in the past.

Look 26: For this look I belted the cobalt blue sweater over my jean dress and wore my cobalt Cole Haan flats. I accessorized with a wide band silver and blue bracelet and the multi-color stone necklace from Premier Design. I loved the sweater length as it was long in the front and short in the back. That way I could cover up my legs a little when sitting in a cold conference room.


Look 27: I had an important meeting today with the VPs and Directors of a Brand I work on so I really wanted to look professional yet stylish. I tucked in the Rebecca Minkoff tent dress in the high waist wide leg black Bebe pants. Let’s just say when I look good I feel good and my ideas sound good!!! It was a definite win for me!!!



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