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Nail Care and Polishes have always been in the back burner of our beauty routine, usually we concentrate on makeup and hair treatments. Now more than half of women beginning at the age of 18 have purchased nails products for at home use or professional nail services in the past year. Though everyone knows the leading brands of nail polish (OPI, Essie) but now new companies are up and coming.  More than half of at home nail product buyers don’t care about brand as long as they get the color they want. With the growth of nail art and design the choice of color has grown exponentially and consumers don’t want to spend $10+ on one extreme color like Blazing Orange when they can spend around $3.  The DIY blogs and articles in magazines have also driven the at home business. More women want to experiment at home whether for saving money or creativity, they are more likely to purchase polishes with easy special effects like liquid sand, crackle, or magnetic tricks. The drive to the salon has increased with an average of $200 spent for professional services, whereas at home products are only around $35 a year. This increase on professional nail services is pushed by women age 55 and over while younger women are trying save money and are more likely to buy a kit for home use. It is and will always be a woman’s ritual to sit in your room with music playing, gabbing on the phone, and waiting for your nails to dry.


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