The 40 Piece Fall Wardrobe

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First thing before I jump into the why and what of this wardrobe…I can’t stand the Polyvore versions of wardrobes all over Pinterest!!! Come on blogger take the time to actually shop your wardrobe and build a true capsule, anyone can sit at their computer and pick outfits. I and like other bloggers do take the time to build and wear the outfits for the full time period. My photos are not professional by any means, I’m lucky if I can snap a quick pic before I’m out the door without it being blurry! Oh and IF I am able to use my Nikon without being late to work I will. So if you are planning to build your wardrobe, shop your closet first and follow bloggers who do this in real life!

Ok let’s get on with it….

I started my first wardrobe for winter in 2015 and loved it so much I kept on until I got pregnant. Now there is no way anyone can plan out what to wear when your body is changing almost everyday. I missed out on a whole year worth of wardrobes. So this one is going to be a closet changer. Why is this one different? Well for starters I had a baby in June and the whole experience changed my body shape. My hips are wide and my bust is large, I’ve never been like this and now need to sift through my clothes to get rid of things that don’t fit in size, style, and trend.

My two themes for this Fall Wardrobe will be romantic bohemian and artsy. The bohemian trend is still going strong but you don’t need to style yourself like you are going to Woodstock. I added some key pieces that will make my outfits fit the trend such as a fur vest and brown booties. I am excited to try the artsy trend as well! For this look I added black suede thigh high boots and purple Doc Martins. I had my hair done with multi colors for the oil slick look so I want to wear a lot of dark colors this season so it stands out.

Remember to check out my previous post on Fall Wardrobe ideas for some shopping inspiration. Also, any item you buy should at least go with three different things in your closet. And no I’m not talking about three different pairs of jeans, create some real outfits out of them.

Ok so here I go.

I bought 6 items to add to my Fall Wardrobe, I usually shop my closet but since baby I don’t fit into some of my clothes. My haul included: black skinny slacks, light grey wide leg trousers, a black front slit skirt, dark colored paisley dress, stripped sleeveless skater dress, and a floral long sleeve dress.





Layering Pieces:


I usually start with 9 bottoms so that I can try to make up 7-9 outfits in the 90 piece wardrobe but this year I am adding more dresses and focusing on layering. This years shoe collection will feature my artsy shoes that are always in my closet but rarely on my feet. Though my metallic grey flats are def ready to be replaced. This will be the last season with them and will be replaced for next year.

I can’t wait to start wearing my Fall Wardrobe!

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