Temeka’s Party Premiere of Nail’d It!

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Last night was the season premier of Nail’d It! a new reality show on oxygen that showcases the top nail artist throughout the country. They compete for cash prizes each week and only one winner will make it to end for the grand prize! See it on Tuesdays at 9pm.

So why am I telling  you about this? Well the title of the post should give it away but here I go.


Temeka, our very own Connecticut artist takes nails to the next level. She’s creative and talented which are clearly shown in all her work. She has been taking the nail industry by storm and her Obama nails gained recognition on News Eight and CNN. She is currently one of the featured contestants on the first ever season of Nail’d It!

Tuesday Oct 7th was Temeka’s Premiere Party at Shadow’s, a hip club in the New Haven area, where she was surrounded by family, friends, and many of her clients. We are all so excited for her television debut that even a Radio Personality Ricky Trendy from 93.7 FM MC’ed the party for the night. His ratchet catchphrase caught on like wildfire, I even caught myself calling out some ugly shoes “ratchet” LOL.


Every one was dressed to the 9’s! High heels and beautiful hair with many sporting Temeka’s nail art; the crowd looked amazing. Temeka wore a custom made dress by designer Matthew Reisman, shown here.

Beautiful women were handing out o’dourves and the drink of my night was Ciroc and Pineapple. There was a beautiful display by Unique Approach Event Planning, which featured so delicious cupcakes around a LBD.

Temeka creates custom nails at Dahlia’s Beauty Salon in Orange, CT. Owner Francis Liz attended to show her support for Temeka and commented on how proud she is of her. Francis is one of the top hairstylist in Connecticut and has owned Dahlia’s since 2011. Her talented and positive attitude is shown in her work and personality. She knows what looks good and helps you achieve maximum style in each of her cuts and colors. I’m proud to say that I’m a frequent customer and I always walk out looking hot.


Francis, Me, Rebekah


I follow Temeka on Instagram and I have to say I’m blown away by her artwork. I had to schedule an appointment before she leaves for LA next week. Pics to follow 🙂






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