Spring Wardrobe Looks 11-25 + Red Hair and Just Don’t Care

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Since I’ve had my ombré hair I have been wanting to play with it and add color! I love hair chalk but it will only last one wash and I need a lot of it to cover all my hair. So I finally decided to go get it semi-permanently colored.

I went to my favorite spot Dahlia’s Beauty Salon in Orange, CT where salon owner Francis Liz customized my berry red color specifically for my taste and skin tone. I’ve had my hair done by many stylist from Chicago to Texas to New York before but never had I seen a technique so unique and so effective at producing a flawless transition from my natural dark color to the honey blonde ends. As everyone knows the most important thing to note about ombré is the transition! You don’t want to look like you’re growing out your roots. After the ombré Francis started applying the vibrant color, check out the look!


Look 11: My last look of my Spring Wardrobe before I went berry ombré! I love the material and pattern of this halter dress. Since I was out shopping I was OK with not wearing a sweater or cover top, this dress makes feel curvy and sexy, a def must have in every wardrobe!

SW15 Look 11

Look 12: Everyone complimented me on my outfit today. I’ve had the pink cigarette pants for a long time now and I don’t ever want to lose them. I’m on the look out for a similar pair as a backup in case something happens to these. The button up blouse from The Limited worked well with the pants and the nude kitten heels.


Look 13: This tent dress by Rebecca Minkoff is new to my overall wardrobe, I purchased this dress at RM in NYC. If you are ever in Soho you need stop in to see the interactive styling mirrors. It was so much fun virtually shopping, ordering some bubbly, and then have everything waiting for you in your dressing room. There was no hassle and if you needed another size you could “order” it through your mirror which alerts the sales associate! Best shopping experience ever!!!!

SW15 Look 13

Look 14: I realized that this shirt is a little too low to wear alone without a camisole or undershirt. I layered the graphic leopard tank over my black 3/4 sleeve blouse from Express. I also bust out my Diesel boyfriend jeans that I bought in Florida :). LOL can you guess what shoes I wore again?      wpid-150504013457.jpg

Look 15: This is the first time I wore the cream maxi dress that I got at TJ Maxx, I don’t know how I feel about it yet as I’m thinking about shortening it. I was basically tripping over myself when walking. Even though you can’t see them I actually DIDN’T wear my nude flats but basket weave brown flats. Felt like it would give a bohemian vibe…groovy baby! wpid-150512112204.jpg

Look 16: It was a little chilly today so I put on my fleece tights under the DVF floral colorful dress that I bought in Chicago. I am in love with wearing tights with my Gianni Binni brown leather strap heels. Check out look 7 for more tight ideas. wpid-150521031053.jpgLook 17: I’m always afraid of mixing patterns but this can work if the majority of the colors are the same. I tried to pair my graphic top with the striped skirt. What do you think?

SW15 Look 17

Look 18: I wanted to dress up a little today so I put on my peep toe Poetic License floral shoes with the berry skirt and white lace top from Forever 21. Maybe next time I’ll try tucking in the top and some long earrings.

SW15 Look 18

Look 19: I kept it very simple with this look and threw on my skinny dark jeans with the Bebe shimmer cream top. I also wore my nude Cole Haan flats, wow I’ve been wearing these shoes a lot already!!!

wpid-150430011313.jpgLook 20: Today I wore the Bebe white body suit and Bebe wide leg black pants. The pants have a little bit of a high waist so I had to wear a belt, this skinny one is white with black spots from The Limited. I wore by Kate Spade black pumps even though you can’t really see them in this photo.

SW15 Look 20Look 21: I had a little too much fun with this outfit! There is def a boho vibe and I love the way the skinny cargo pants tuck into my Fendi boots. I added the sleeveless faux fur sweater because I know it’s always cold in the office. This would have looked like a costume if I would have worn fringe, so be mindful when wearing an outfit that hits one specific trend or period.

SW15 Look 21Look 22: I knew that today was going to be a long day on the bench so I opt for my Diesel skinny boyfriend jeans and grey sleeveless. I think this is also the first time I have worn my colbat blue Cole Haan flats.

SW15 Look 22Look 23: this multi colored stripe shirt from The Limited is very short for my long torso and I have to wear a cami underneath for coverage. I love the colors and the design of the 3/4 sleeve Henley BUT it’s just way too short and I may get rid of it after this wardrobe.

SW15 Look 23Look 24: I was running to the gym so I grabbed an easy no fuss outfit, the 3/4 black top and my dark wash skinny jeans.


Look 25: I took my selfies at the hotel! LOL The mirror was long and perfect, plus there was no clutter in the background (unlike my room 🙂 ). I love this yellow shirt and the cargo pants though I think I may need to either tuck them in or not pull them down so far as you can see all the bumps from the pants. I also wore my nude Cole Haan flats.


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