Euro Chic

  • SumoMe

European and Elegant. A woman who turns heads, the one everyone is looking at, and the most put together person in the room. She can bat her lashes, be magnetic, but always feminine. Achieving this looks doesn’t happen over night; you can be fully committed or just have key pieces to recreate when you feel like the mood strikes you.

First off the makeup and hair:

Should be fresh faced with the perfect shade of soft pink or red lipstick. Be light on the eyes with subtle black eyeliner (that can be winged at the corners) and mascara. With the hair there are two ways to show off this look, slicked or cropped. The time of the Mary Tyler Moore is over. Here are some of my favorites.

Images collected from Elle UK Magazine.

 Now the fun part: The Wardrobe

When selecting pieces think of the following: luxurious, feminine, elegant, silk, and cashmere. With this in mind, you can’t go wrong. Now I know that even the phrases sound expensive and well to be honest, this look is.

Here are some tips for those not wanting to spend too much:

1) You don’t have to go 100% cashmere, as there are blends, just keep in mind that for this look the fabric needs to be thin.                                    2) You can replace silk with satin, though it is still pricey it’s easier to take care of and will reduce the cost of dry cleaning.

I’m going to help you build your Euro Chic wardrobe with the following fundamental pieces.