Style Guide….Find Yours!

  • SumoMe

There are many different types of style someone can reflect in their wardrobe. Once you figure out yours it will be easier for you to shop. Many women shop based on sales and just because something is on clearance doesn’t mean it’s a good deal. There are two things to look for while considering an item to purchase: 1) Does this work in your color forecast? and 2) Does this fit your style? Though these seem like difficult questions to answer, they are not. I can help you figure out your personal style, (as personal as I can be without meeting you). This page is going to focus on several posts about different styles that may fit you. Also note you don’t have to be completely 100% one style, you may find yourself in a compilation of different ones. This is about being personal, focus on yourself and answer truthfully. Sometimes we want to be something we are not, don’t fall into this trap with your wardrobe, you’ll end up spending money on things you’ll never use or wear.