So Over Flats

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Flats are out! I am tired of wearing them and even looking at them in my closet. With the new year comes a new change! I used to love them, I couldn’t wear open toed shoes at my previous job so I did gather quite a collection.

It’s time to showcase your other non heeled shoes from your closet. More and more women are dusting off their Converse and wearing them with dresses to the office! (I grew up on Converse and Doc Martins…Vans were never seen on these feet!)

Just because I’m saying bring back the comfort doesn’t mean to sport your gym sneakers. Keep it trendy and find your own style.

Nowadays your favorite designers are not only focusing on the glam of high heels but the fun of shoes with laces! I have a pair of Burberry backless loafers that I have been grabbing more frequently. Here are my 2007 Coach tennis shoes that have made their way from the back to the front of my shoe closet. Of course you can’t forget the unique Converse collection! These are all shoes that I have accumulated over the past 10 years, it’s time for them to shine!

Ok so many of you may want to build your sneaker collection and are wondering where to start. I have 3 places: 1) Brands from your childhood such as these old school Adidas that have been revamped. 2)Designers you currently love like these Louis Vuitton monogram hightops. 3) Designers or Brands that are branching out from their normal routine like Timberland…they are updating their game why shouldn’t you!

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