Selfies on a Plane – Looks 28-31

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This weekend flew right by! I felt like I accomplished nothing around the house or updated my blog. I suffered all Sunday due to Saturday night LOL and today I am traveling to Memphis then Arkansas for work. Actually on the plane right now typing this post! After a morning of nonstop Connecticut traffic I’m glad to be coasting in the air right now. The girl who is sitting right next to me must have taken over 20 selfies before takeoff. For some reason it started to bother me, but only after I took my “traveling to” photo. I wondered why she was taking sooooo many pics. Thought when I looked over at them she looked gorgeous. Why can’t I ever take good looking selfies? I feel like I practice every day but I still cannot achieve any worth wide captures. How is it that someone gets so good at taking photos of themselves? What are your tricks? Comment below and send me your links!

For now I’ll keep going, showing off my goofy face and wardrobe looks. MWAH!

Look 28: I LOVE THIS LOOK. I can’t get enough yellow in my life. I love my yellow car, yellow pants, yellow tops, and my newest yellow addition the Michael Kors bag. This is my first time wearing this black sleeveless top. I actually bought this on my first trip to NYC back in college. It kind of still fits but a little snug, I’ve held onto this top for years now and have never thought of purging it from my closet. Though over the past several years the top has stayed the same size and I haven’t ;). I decided to add this to my Spring Wardrobe because it did give off a little bit of a picnic vibe. It is such a cute top with white piping and white buttons, plus the neckline is boat neck (my fav). Let’s see if this is something that sticks around in future wardrobes.

Look 29: It’s funny because I am the type of person who shops too much and since I’ve started my wardrobe collections my spending has decreased significantly. I am also falling back in love with closet items but at the same time realizing how much stuff I own that I don’t wear (or don’t wear anymore). Since I’ve been on my gym kick and working out specific body parts (Thighs and Glutes!) I’ve been growing in those areas. Is this a good thing? I think F* Yeah but now I’m starting to see a change in what I can and should not wear. Sadly this skirt is now one of those pieces; my thighs are starting to thicken out that the poor buttons on the skirt are stretched to the BCBG Max! I think after this wardrobe I will have to find a new home for this skirt.

Look 30: On a shopping trip with my friend Monde I saw my Black and White Skirt EVERYWHERE!!! The dress she is wearing is from Macy’s and the one on the hanger is from Express. We saw it again at Forever 21 and then some random boutique. I def feel on point when I wear this skirt, I love how big my hips and thighs look when wearing it. This trend is a must this spring and summer.


Look 31: I took a risk today, I’ve had this belt for such a long time and rarely wear it. It can be a little much since it’s thick and it has chains across the front, though I took a chance! I wore my nude Gianni Binni shoes and the Bebe white body suit under the BCBG berry skirt.


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