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It gets frustrating going to a store and finding an item that draws your attention, you buy it, take it home, and then realize that you only have one way to wear it because of the color/pattern. The item then sits in your drawer and is hardly worn. I am going to help you find different ways to wear that item.

This post I will focus on a pair of plaid pants.

Plaid Pants 001

The easiest way to start is pick colors directly from the plaid pattern.

There are different shades of brown in this pattern so that is a definite start.

Plaid Pants 013 Plaid Pants 010

These are the same pants, the top you wear pulls out different shades as you can see with the light brown blouse makes the pants look darker and the dark brown blouse makes the pants look lighter.

Here are some full length photos. The light brown may look to neutral so I added a maroon scarf to break out of the taupe scene. You could do a rose pink or plum scarf too. Maybe even something olive green, IF it’s the right shade. With the dark brown combo I added a long multi-stranded necklace that has some gold and rose gold beads.

Plaid Pants 003 Plaid Pants 008


Ok, so this is pretty simple but now lets add some color!

The purples and pinks are cousins in the color family and compliment the browns in the plaid. What you can do is play around with what you have in your closet and try out different purple/pink/maroon tops. If you have a nice pumpkin orange or muted red, these would be something nice and new to try. Everyone has their own color scheme that fits them: Check out my section on Color, are you Floral, Amber, or Fresh?

Plaid Pants 012 Plaid Pants 011

Plaid Pants 005 Plaid Pants 006


Also if wearing color is to bold or daring for you, try adding a brown jacket over. This will calm down the color for you and when you are ready you can take off the jacket and strut your stuff!

Plaid Pants 016

These two photos show how easy it is to switch out the blouse underneath the jacket.

Plaid Pants 017 Plaid Pants 018

I hope this helps and inspires you to try different color combinations and step outside of your comfort box.

The most important thing to remember when buying a new item for you wardrobe is to be able to wear it at least 4 different ways.

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