NYFW: Sophie Theallet

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Harpers Bazaar showcased the best beauty looks from New York Fashion Week and I’m pulling out my favs to share with you! Stay tuned for my own versions of the best beauty looks this fall.

Sophie Theallet
The Look: Double French Manicures
How-To: The slick hair, wet, metallic eyes, and vibrant lines of color running through the collection gave Sophie Theallet’s spring show a distinctly tropical vibe—even the nails had an island-inspired detail. Manicurist Julie Kandelec designed what she calls a “negative space double French tip”: She brushed a thick arc of pinky-white polish across the top of the nail, then made a thinner arc across the tip using turquoise color. It’s exactly the revival the French manicure needed.


Style.com’s Maya Singer reports that Sophie Theallet snagged her inspiration from a recent trip to Jamica. You can enjoy the colors of the island in the form fitting dresses and accessories throughout the collection. I have posted a few pieces that I wouldn’t mind seeing in my wardrobe! 😉



























I’m recently engaged and of course white dresses are on my mind! I love the eyelet fabric and sheerness of the first dress. Theallet focused on drop down waist lines which you’ll see throughout her collection. The underlay of sheer fabric and V neck line has to be one of my favorite looks this year.
The second white dress has the Jamaican color flair shown on the belt but my focus was the structure of the dress. It starts like an A-line but the lace over the shoulders transitions the dress into an Empire with the high waisted band and then ends at a drop down waist line.



























I love the print of these two dress, I’m always happy to see a print I like used multiple ways! I know almost every designer does this but sometimes it’s not with wearable prints or ones I like LOL. The balance of both dresses make them wearable for any style and body shape. If you have great legs and a slim waist go for the first dress. If you are either busty or have great shoulders stick with the cross top.



Here are more Rastafarian colors portrayed in two very cute and wearable pieces. I love the black lace between the empire and drop down waist lines. The black eyelet pants have a great pattern to them and show off a bit of color underneath.



These last two pieces show off the underlay of lace and V neck line that Theallet used throughout her show. I love the black gown with the patterned eyelet fabric and how it drapes off the model.

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