New Year’s Resolution 2016

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Ok , so it’s such a clique to write a blog post about all the things you are going to change in your life for the up and coming year. BUT my life is going to change dramatically this June, I am currently 17 weeks pregnant!!! So what do I want to do differently this year? Let me break this down into two sections: pre and post baby.


PreBaby- keep going to Yoga once a week. Lately my friend Lara and I have been meeting up Sunday mornings to take a yoga class at our local gym. I’m so happy with our yoga instructor, I don’t feel overwhelmed and I am working up to the poses that I couldn’t do before. After wards we go for a bite, which honestly has been my healthiest breakfast (I usually go for bagels with cream cheese, pop tarts, or pancakes,ha!). So my fitness New Year’s Resolution is to keep this going.

PostBaby- I’d like to keep my Sunday yoga routine up and then add another day of cardio. I know that with a baby I will not have time to be hitting the gym 3 times a week (like a normal resolution) so let’s be realistic.

Travel – I love to travel last year I visited 10 different cities/locations. I can’t get enough, I love to be out and try new foods, explore new areas, and see as much as I can. This year travel is going to be different.

PreBaby – We are going on a babymoon  sometime soon, I need to go to an all inclusive again! If you haven’t taken one of these types of vacations you are missing out! 

PostBaby – Now this one stands over the course of two years but since babies can travel for free until they are two, I am going to take full advantage of this. I want to visit Texas at least 3 times, Charlotte at least once and Vermont at least once to see as much family as possible. Then after the two years I’d like to go on an all inclusive again! 

Get Organized!

Omg my life is a mess! Work and Home! I have so many projects that I want to complete onto of all the cleaning I have to do. Both Andrew and I are messy people. I come home toss my shoes somewhere in the kitchen, run upstairs to change and leave my clothes all over the floor. Then when I do laundry it sits in the basket for weeks at a time. I am terrible, I know it, and I am trying. This year I am going to focus on controlling my clothes. Every season I create a “wardrobe” though this year will have to be different depending on pre or post baby.

PreBaby – I have already a system for extending my current wardrobe though I will eventually need to buy maternity clothes. I will cross that bridge when I get there, until then I am just going to pack away what doesn’t fit, winter wise. 

PostBaby – Since I am due in June and I’m hoping to go back down to my normal weight, I will then start my summer collection and pull out that wardrobe. My New Year’s goal will really hit in the fall when I start my wardrobe series again. By fall I should be back to normal weight and whatever doesn’t fit will either be sold or donated. 

Food and Spending – Somethings I can help but not control no matter if it’s pre or post baby.

Right now I am eating whatever sounds good and doesn’t make me nauseous, lol. I am trying to eat healthy and Andrew is pushing for more veggies for the baby. I am hoping that I can keep a sensible diet all year but definitely not making any promises!

Spending is a difficult thing to predict. I can’t help it but I love to shop! We haven’t found out if we are having a boy or a girl yet so I haven’t been spending too much money on baby stuff, but all that will change. I am also trying not to spend money on clothes, I have a system going on and until that fails me THEN I will go shopping for maternity clothes. I am going to try to post my system so stay tuned! As for baby items? Who knows?! 

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