New Wine Lip Color!

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A new cool trend to try is the New Wine Lip Color! Everyone has that dark lipstick in their makeup drawer that is hardly used. In this video I will teach you how to apply it the correct way. Everyone can wear dark lipstick whether you are fair or dark skin, the key is not the color of your skin but the undertones. If you are categorized as Floral from my color forecast look for blue undertones in the lipstick. If you are Amber, yellow/orange undertones are the key. Of course if you are Fresh you can go either way! Check out my Color Forecasting section to find your category.

Tools you need:

Concealer, Lip Pencil, Lipstick, Foundation Powder, and tissues!

New Lip Color: Wine <3<3<3 Click here for Video!


Wine Lip 1



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