My November Must Haves

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Fashion + Tech = AWESOME!!!

I am the type of person to customize my tech. When I got the Fitbit I bought a gold bracelet. I couldn’t stand that damn rubber band and even though that bracelet is big and bulky, I will still wear it because it looks better. I am not a fan of the iWatch, just for the reason that you can tell someone has one on because they all look alike, obviously a symbol of their brand, but nonetheless I don’t want to look like everyone else. Other tech companies are no different except when you shop at Michael Kors. The MK Access Watches stopped me in my tracks. I can’t believe that this finally came out. This is a personalized touch screen watch that actually looks like a watch. This might be an early birthday present to myself!!!


This month I am obsessed with the color Rust.

I have two dresses in my Fall Wardrobe that showcase this color in unique ways. Both of these dresses are from Forever 21, one is a striped knit dress and the other is floral.

I also had a pedi before the season started in this color from Essie called Playing Koi. The tagline is “hey, shy girl. go bold with this flirtatious orange rust and you’ll never fish for compliments again”.


Leopard Print Long Coats

It’s back! Well leopard print is always here, it’s just in different forms for different seasons and years. I bought my long leopard print coat at Bebe almost 12 years ago!!! It’s rabbit fur and still in good condition EXCEPT that at one point the crop jacket was in and I took a pair of scissors to my beautiful coat! Not a mistake cause I still wear it like that to this day BUT I think it’s time to convert it back to a long coat. BTW did I mention that I saved the piece I cut off? Hahaha. I’ll have to figure a way to make it convertible so when the crop jacket is back on trend I’ll be prepared. Though for now I will just admire these by Givenchy, Valentino and Longchamp.

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