Look 38 and 39

  • SumoMe

Look 38: I wanted some edge for this look so I added a chunky black and gold leopard necklace from Bebe to go with my black and gold studded Michael Kors bag and my bondage black Rebecca Minkoff heels I have fallen in love again with my skinny cargos from bebe. It actually has been a while since I have one now I’m so glad that I added him to this wardrobe and I’m thinking about adding them to my summer wardrobe as well I want to continue this bohemian relaxed type of vibe by pulling the cargo pants the Fendi booties over into summer. So you may have noticed that I have switched out my Kate Spade black pumps for these really not on purpose I can’t find my Kate Spade pumps lol I don’t know where they are and I searched throughout the whole house for them hopefully they turn up soon because I love them so much

Look 39: DVF Dress

Look 40: Black and White skirt with the lace cover top.

Look 41 sometimes its fun when I go on vacation and take my clothing from my wardrobe because I end up taking pictures of myself when I forget that I have them I’m trying very hard not to repeat looks the whole point of the wardrobe is to create 90 days worth of looks with 40 items so even though this is an older picture I don’t want to lose focus. I’m wearing my BCBG brown cargo skirt with the yellow three quarter top my Dior sunglasses and my mom sandals because at the time I couldn’t find my shoes LOL


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