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I have been asked by several friends to help them find their unique style. I became the go-to person that I haven’t had time to update my blog but I would love to continue my service and extent to anyone in the Connecticut area. A session with me can be tailored to your specific needs; I will teach you how to shop your closet and how to apply makeup meant for you. I’m great at color forecasting and will be able to identify your color palate for clothing and cosmetics. My tips and tricks will surely be beneficial to your fashion and beauty routine!

Styling Packages:

Package #1: Cleanse Your Closet $75
I will help you go through your closet and evaluate what to do with your clothing. Keep, Toss, Consign, or Donate! Friends spare your feelings, I am honest.

Package #2: Shop till You Drop $150
This includes a Personal Shopping session, depending on your location I’ll pick you up or meet you and then I’ll drive you around. From high end designers to local boutiques and department stores, you can choose your budget and I’ll work with you. With me you’ll experience the right way to shop from your color scheme to your shape and always including a unique look for your own personal style.

Package #3: Color Forecast $100
Do you having clothing in your closet with the tags still on? Ever wonder why you don’t end up wearing it? It’s most likely because it’s not in your color forecast. Once you understand what your forecast is then you’ll stop wasting money. It becomes an eye opening experience and you’ll never question your purchases again! This service is not only includes fashion styling but for beauty products as well, your makeup needs to work with you not against you.

Package #4: Everyday and Evening Makeup Tutorial $75
Having a signature look is what every woman needs, one for day and one for night. I can teach you how to apply makeup best for your face frame and color. I will work with your personal cosmetics and provide suggestions for anything you might be missing in your beauty tool box. I can also help develop a look for those items that haven’t been touch since purchase.

Package #5: Trending Makeup Looks $25
Ever want to try the smokey eye look or a winged cat eye? I can teach you how to do one look per session. I can develop a look for you or you can pick anything you want to learn, most of my clients cut photos from magazines and want to recreate a celebrity look.