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Let’s Mix This Up!

So what am I all about? Fashion and Beauty? No not ALL about it but I do love it. I love to watch the runway shows each season, I love to go through my closet and select items that are now on trend, and I like to create easy and manageable wardrobes for myself. I try to incorporate trends with style….two different things. Trends are in the now and Style is who you are expressed through clothing.

I also love color and not afraid to wear it, paint it, or dye it. My hair has been every color except platinum and silver (not for me), I’ve been rose gold, berry, all shades of purple, ombre, red, and now mermaid greens/blues/purples. To me color is a way to express your mood and with hair you are free to do this as often as you can! If you can’t express with hair then do it with your clothing! Don’t be afraid to show that pop of color, your favorite color! Though the important thing to do is know your color scheme, something that can save your wardrobe and $$$ in your purse!

I have been working on my own fashion and beauty look books for several years now; a personal collection of ideas that I use in my daily life for style. I have felt that all the knowledge and experience I have gained by observing what is going on in the fashion world should be shared. So I have created this blog to examine beauty and fashion and give my own lemon-lime twist. Hopefully you will enjoy what I publish and be able to use some of my advice in your life. Enjoy!