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This past week I went out on my first plant trial! It’s actually an exciting time for me in my career and some people take these trips for granted, you know who you are!!! For those of you who don’t know what a plant trial is think of the show How It’s Made. Watching what I formulate translated to a massive scale is pretty cool.

For some reason I accidentally packed my grey skinnies (saving for a Fall or Winter Wardrobe), though don’t my steal toe shoes and socks look like something out of the Wizard of Oz? Maybe this is what the Wicked Witch of the Southeast wears!

Wicked Witch of the Southeast

The trial was held in a small town in Arkansas, about an hour or so outside of Memphis. The whole area reminded me of Iowa and the Midwest; there were familiar chains like Kum & Go and Casey’s General Store. Each road was lined with fast food chains, local and national, though I was on a mission to find the local’s Best BBQ. Oh boy did I ever! Demo’s Barbeque and Smokehouse had to be the best BBQ that I’ve had (outside of Texas, of course!) I had the brisket and ribs with a side of beans and slaw. The ribs were fall off the bone good! So juicy and surprisingly not fatty. The brisket had a nice chard crisp which left a smokey taste. Nothing needed sauce but I did try the “yellow” and “red” sauces which were both great. Oh and I know this is weird but I love slaw, the cool crisp of the cabbage is a must when eating BBQ, Demo’s slaw had a light coating of mayo (I hate it when my slaw is swimming in a pool of mayo), made a great pair to the honey sweet beans. A def must visit any time you are in Arkansas. Do I have you drooling? LOL!

Demos BBQ

I was able to snap a couple of photos of my looks in the hotel room, enjoy love!

Look 32: This was my traveling outfit, I wanted to be comfortable so I paired my yellow 3/4 top with my light wash Diesel boyfriend jeans and my Cole Haan nude flats. You will be seeing these flats throughout the whole trip 😉


Look 33: For my meetings at the plant I wore my pink Bebe cigarette pants with the lace top. By the end of the trip I could barely fit into these skinnies! Time to hit the gym!!!


In Memphis we ate at this restaurant called Flight Restaurant & Wine Bar ($$$ on Yelp, yeah I was ballin). The theme is all in the name, there are flights of food and flights of wine, you can mix it up or go for a prefixed flight. The flight comes in 3’s and small plates are perfectly laid out for you with wines to match. For wine I had the A.B.C. wine flight which included a Riesling by Dr. Loosen Wines that was so delicious I had to contain myself and not gulp it down! It had such a soft sweetness to it with a hint of pear and paired very well with my Scallop Benedict. LOL no I didn’t plan it, but hey when it works it really works!


Yes that is Lobster Biscuit & Gravy 😉

Here are my looks taken in the Memphis Hotel….I had a little too much fun with the bathroom mirror click here to check out the photo on Instagram MWAH!

Look 34: Since I couldn’t pack too much I wore the white lace blouse again and my skinny dark jeans. Though next time I’ll pack something a little less casual for dinner.


Look 35: Travel back to the East Coast led to wearing my skinny jeans, again! Keep it classy and casual when flying, maybe you’ll get an upgrade to first class!

wpid-150607043437.jpgOh and yes that is my new yellow Michael Kors Bag!!!!!!!!!!!

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