Fashion and Beauty Picks for February 2015

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This month I have been obsessing over this nail polish from OPI called Comet in the Sky. There is so much going on that you can layer this over multiple colors for fun and different affects! Now I love white nails, though it “changes colors” from wear, so you should always use gel polish for an all white look. This time my manicurist Temeka @CustomTNails1 layered my Comet in the Sky with another OPI color Alpine Snow. I must say the affect looks amazing! There is an artist look to these nails, paint splattered on white. Though it’s not paint, what makes this polish so cool and different are the glitter colors and sizes. There are very small circular ones up to large hexagons and the colors are either black or fluorescent greens, yellows, blues, and oranges. I can’t wait to try this over other colors!!!

OPI Alpine SnowOPI Comet in the Sky


This is also right on trend for Spring! Check out Mulberry’s Spring 2015 RTW Look 3……..look familiar??

Mulberry Spring 2015 Look 3


I am such a hopeless romantic and love anything that has to do with romance, falling in love, and kisses. So I pulled together some fashionable items for your enjoyment!

Remember you can express love any day not only on Feb 14th!

Kate Spade New York Love Birds Wink Clutch Kate Spade NY Love Suede Pointy-Toe Pumps Jennifer Zeuner Jewelry Lola Lips NecklaceChristian Louboutin Sweety Charity Valentine Crossbody Bag

Ok lastly, my biggest issue with my hair growing long is drying after a shower!!!! I can’t tell you how I struggle with either air drying, blow drying, or sleeping with damp hair. So I have found this really nice brush collection from Goody called QuickSyle!{35A36C88-D359-4104-A53C-DFBFD8452780}&fp_id={BD8562FE-CB4E-41DF-9075-9C027C212D0E}

This brush speeds up drying time! You can use it right out of the shower and the antimicrobial microfiber bristles help detangle and remove excess water. This is a definite must buy.

goody styling quikstyle brush

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    Love your nails!! That hair brush is a really cool concept!

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