Fall Wardrobe Looks 15-21 + Ipsy October Glambag

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This week I received my Ipsy box for the month of October! Ok, I am finally excited about one of my boxes because I actually like 3 of the 5 products I got. I use liquid eyeliner almost everyday so I was def happy to see one, I am obsessed with lip products so def a plus, and I am running out of my everyday blush so a sample was great!


Me with all the products on, what do you think? I loved the lip color as it didn’t fade until after lunch. The cheek color seemed to have disappeared though :(. The eyeliner is a felt tip pen, which isn’t what I normally use, so it was a little harder for me to use but I think I got it.


I love this bag! I love all the Ipsy bags, hahaha, always cute and trendy.

OK….on with the show!

Look 15: I braved the weather today and wore this dress without a sweater or leggings! As I am going through this Fall Wardrobe I am loving my Fendi brown booties more and more. I had them in my Spring Wardrobe last year and sure enough they debuted again this Fall.


Look 16: OMG it’s 80 degrees outside! and it’s October! With the weather being this nice, I had to continue with a dress so I wore my chambray dress with my leopard print Converse shoes. Such an easy look though as the weather gets colder I’ll start to layer it.



Look 17: This asymmetrical snake skin top pairs nicely with the asymmetrical skirt! I wore a very long necklace that I got from a Premier Design party years ago, it’s still holding strong. I was thinking about wearing my over the knee boots with this skirt but I’ll save that for another day.


Look 18: This week is still going strong so I decided to wear my grey skirt. Sadly I still don’t fit into it and it doesn’t zip up all the way…but hopefully by the end of this wardrobe I’ll shrink back to my smaller size…if not I’m screwed for Winter!!! I didn’t need a sweater so I didn’t layer anything over the leopard print top. I did wear my over the knee boots in case the weather decided to turn against me, LOL.


Look 19: Instead of layering my black crew neck sweater OVER something I went UNDER for this look. The leopard sleeveless shirt is also from my Spring Wardrobe, I love that I am able to cross clothing over, that just means it was a good buy to begin with. 🙂


Look 20: I simply layered my pink ruffled top over the floral dress just to make it slightly different. The pearls in the necklace are attached together by pink ribbon that compliments the top and the dress. I can’t tell if this look was awkward or not, but either way I rocked it!


Look 21: Ok let me be honest, I hate these light grey pants. They are too big for me on the thighs but fit my “after baby waist”. They are here for this season and I can’t wait until these don’t fit anymore so I can get rid of them. Also, IDK if I made bad choices with my shoes for this Fall Wardrobe or maybe these pants really just suck because only the white loafers and white pumps go with this, the grey flats look weird but oh well just 70 more looks to go! HAHAHA


Look 21:

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