Fall Wardrobe Looks 1-7

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I can’t tell you enough how excited I am to start my Fall Wardrobe! I have been trying to lose the baby weight and since it is not coming off fast enough I had to go out and buy some new pieces. I am putting a positive spin on my weight gain and body shape change by embracing it! I’ve always been such a stick and now with some curve I can wear different styles of clothing I couldn’t wear before. Ok so here it goes.

Look 1: Today was my first day back to work coming off maternity leave. I had the “first day” excitement you get when you’re going back to school. I wore my new black front slit skirt with the maroon leopard print sleeveless blouse and the Aldo black moto boots that replaced my Cole Haans.

Look 2: I bought this dress at Forever 21 thinking that I wouldn’t have spent too much money if I got back my pre-baby body. Here is the link http://www.forever21.com/floraldress To add to the bohemian vibe I am feeling I wore my Fendi lace up booties. What’s great about this dress is that I can layer it with different pieces or I could simply swap out the shoes and jewelry for a different look. (You’ll see in future looks this wardrobe). I can’t decide if I need a belt or not, but for now I’ll go without.


Look 3: I also bought this dress at Forever 21 but they don’t have it online (here is something comparable http://www.forever21.com/floralprintsleevelessdress) Since the neckline is high I decided to wear my hair up in a high ponytail. I wore my black moto boots for my artsy trend. Again IDK if I need a belt but for now I’m going without.


Look 4: For those of you who know me know that yellow is my favorite color! It is such a happy and warm color that it brightens up my day when I wear it. I struggled with this look, it should be easy a tee and light grey slacks…right? Well I didn’t like the look with the shirt out because you could awkwardly see the pants underneath, so I tucked it in but now it is not flattering and I will definitely need to adjust this look for future use.


Look 5: It was a little chilly today so I grabbed my black open sweater to wear over my black and purple artsy dress. I almost wore my over the knee boots but really want to debut my purple Doc Martins that I’ve had since high school! It’s interesting seeing this trend resurface now almost 20 years later. That’s why you should always keep the pieces you love (and still fit). You never know when they will make a comeback.

Look 6: I had a lot of thinks to do today so I didn’t want to bother with heels or a skirt so I wore my dark wash jeans and black sweater. When I keep my clothing simple I like to play up my makeup so I pulled out my Nars Cruella lipstick! Love me some red latina lips!

Look 7: I bought these black skinny pants from The Limited and couldn’t wait to wear them! Since my maroon top has some silver detail I wore my silver flats to compliment it. 

Please excuse the last two looks! LOL for some reason I can’t crop this photo to exclude my laundry!

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