Fall Wardrobe Ideas

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Ok so most of you already know my process but in case you don’t here it is:

I watch the runway shows and read plenty of magazines then I go through my closet and select key pieces for my seasonal wardrobe.

Here are some looks that have inspired me for Fall.

Textured Bottoms: I have this pair of pants from The Limited that I got years ago when the men’s wear trend began. Every now and then I see it come back and so I always kept these pants in my closet. You’ll see them in the 2016 Fall Wardrobe 40 piece collection that I will start blogging about this season.

Pattern Pants: Another men’s wear trend coming back is the neutral plaid or striped pant. These can come in browns and blues and with some sort of pattern design. I have a pair from The Limited that follow this trend.

Lady Like Pink: The color is in and is seen all over the runway. Wear it with white, camel, berry, and darn to wear with navy blue! You can play this sweet or sexy, really the style is up to you.

Romantic Bohemian: This look is a mix of two big trends. You’ll see cool boho chic patterns and colors played sexy or lace and textures in a sultry fashion. Elie Saab shows this trend in many different styles. There are lace pieces in either a short or long length, in shorts or skirt forms. Fit this trend to your sense of style.

Fur in All Forms: Real or Faux it’s up to you but it is coming back this season. From fur neck collars to shearling jackets, make some room in your closet for this trendy accessory.

I can’t wait to start building my Fall Wardrobe this year! Remember that trends come and go so if you see an item of clothing that you want to purchase makes sure that it first follows your personal style and then the trend. See this post on plaid pants I did at least 4 years ago (I can tell by the old apt I had :P). The pants and Lady like Pink are back on this year! As always check out my pinterest page for more looks on 2016 Fall RTW

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