Fall 2014 Must-Haves!!!

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So I’ve been thinking what I really want, need – because yes I NEED IT – or already have in my collection for this year’s Top 10 Fall Must-Haves.

Here we go….

1) Leopard

Do I need to say more? Leopard any which way but not tacky. Nails, Jackets, Shoes, or in Bag form only. Don’t go crazy keep it to one piece at a time. Also this is one area that I Love and Hate all at the same time. There is a difference between Cheetah, Leopard, and Jaguar. (Oh and of course Tiger but if you don’t know the difference between spots and stripes you are reading the wrong blogs and prob need to go back to kindergarten). I love all cat spots and stripes but what I hate is not only how people confuse them but that the prints aren’t true to the actual animal. I understand that everyone should have their own spin on the classic cat, but this is one thing I’m very particular with 😀

Cheetah, Leopard, Jaguar
Big Cat Spots

Cheetah spots are dark black spots not in any particular order.

Leopard spots are densely pack rosettes with a black rim that is not connected

Jaguar spots have larger rosettes with spots of black in the middle. These are my favorite!!! <3 <3 <3

Ok back to it…..I fell in love with Sportmax this Fall. Now these are my type of spots!

Sportmax Coat
Sportmax Top













2) Perricone MD No Foundation Foundation

I thought it was so funny to call this product NoFoundation…..Foundation. Cause guess what? It’s used as a Foundation! So how did I hear about this product? I recently went to Sephora to try out the Color IQ service where they work with Pantone a conduct a “true” match to your skin. They claim never wear the wrong foundation again. Which can be true because they recommend around 50 different foundation brands, formats, and colors to try so you should be able to find something to match. I’ve been going down the list given to me and found that I keep coming back to Perricone MD No Foundation Foundation! I love the color and the consistency of the formula. There are only two shades though you can purchase both and mix until you find your perfect match (which means you’re spending close to $100 for foundation but when it glides like this and hides all the imperfections it’s worth it). I like to wear concealer underneath and the Light to Medium works for me. I was also happy to find that one of my fashion and beauty icons, Eva Mendes, also wears No Foundation Foundation. She is such a beautiful and classy Latina, one of the few that I look up to, and when I read in Glamour that she attributes her glowy skin to this formula I felt better inside.

Eva Mendes Glamour No Foundation Foundation
Eva Mendes Glamour No Foundation Foundation

3) Wine

So not only fine drinking wine, though I am currently in love with Caymus Vineyards Cabernet Sauvignon. Such a rich wine with exceptional flavors and leaves your taste buds wanting more. Oh and when I found the Special Selection I did a secrete little happy dance. http://www.caymus.com/ I mean wine in color! In your wardrobe and beauty collections. Wine is a color that works well with any skin tones thought think of it as a sliding scale, the darker your are the more you can wear it. So if you have light skin try 1 or 2 small wine colored items.

You can start with something small and paint your nails with this color. Try the New Christian Louboutin Nail Colour Very Prive or Sephora by OPI gelshine color It’s Wine O’Clock. 

New Christian Louboutin Nail Colour Very Prive

Sephora by OPI gelshine color It's Wine O'Clock






If you want to go daring and seductive try a lip color like bareMinerals Marvelous Moxie Lipgloss in Dare Devil or Nars Pure Matte Lipstick in Volga


For me these are easy updates to my Fall collection, makeup is a simple and cost effective way to keep up with the latest trends. Now the real stuff begins: Shoes and Bags!!!

I first saw these Sergio Rossi booties on Saks’ Shoe Fall Event: Architectural a striking vision of the future, sculpted in shape-defying fashion. Where 9 designers are showcased in this event http://www.saksfifthavenue.com/editorial/shoe82614.jsp?sre=pamainm1s1l1

Sergio Rossi

These are a must have! Ok well maybe I can’t afford to be dropping $1,600 on one pair of shoes (at least not right now 😉 but I will one day).

I find this Top-Zip leather tote by Michael Kors that can def be added to my collection. Also check out the Leopard print collection he has this fall….Please Santa can I have both? I’ve been extra good this year 😛

canvas canvas2


4) Capes

I first saw this Ralph Lauren Cape on the Fall RTW ’14 runway. I went down to Greenwich, CT (the Beverly Hills of the East Coast) and tried on this most luxurious piece. Though it wasn’t my actual size because both Saks and Ralph Lauren didn’t have it, I left without my sooooo wanted purchase, though the season isn’t over yet! I saw another cape in my Bebe catalog and then again in The Limited . It’s going to be big this season.

Ralph Lauren
The Limited













5) Fragrance

It’s a little vague for me just to say Fragrance but I believe that every woman should have scents that she loves and wears frequently. I love it when people know me by smell, I had someone once stopped me in the hallway at work because he could smell me throughout the building. He didn’t know who was wearing the perfume but once he saw me he now had a face to the fragrant. His compliments gave me a little extra pep in my step 🙂 So you must want to know what I was wearing…hmmmm…Burberry’s My Burberry. I couldn’t even provide a proper review of this fragrance other than OMG this smells so good, so here is the description from Burberry.

“Inspired by the trench coat and its heritage of British design and craftsmanship, My Burberry captures the fragrance of a London garden after the rain.

The scent is a contemporary British grand floral. Top notes of sweet pea and bergamot fuse with a geranium leaf, golden quince and freesia heart, rounded out with a base of patchouli and rain-tipped damask and centifolia roses.

The bottle reflects iconic details of the trench coat: a bold horn-finish cap echoes its distinctive buttons and the hand-tied bow is English-woven gabardine, honouring the fabric invented by Thomas Burberry over 100 years ago.” http://us.burberry.com/my-burberry-eau-de-parfum-90ml-p39289891

Oh and if you order it from Burberry’s website you can have it monogrammed….for freeeeee!

With Monogram


6) Shearling

Shearling just warms me up in the fall and winter. Even thinking about it right now gives me the warm and fuzzies. You will always find this look on coats and jackets but this season look for it on shoes and bags as well. My favorite use of shearling is on the Aviator Jacket, I’ve posted some of my favorite ones off the runway, scroll through and pick yours!

Polo Ralph Lauren
Burberry Prorsum
Marc Jacobs
Burberry Prorsum
Reed Krakoff
Reed Krakoff
Marc Jacobs





















































7) Blue Eyeliner

I’ve been seeing blue eyeliners all over the place this fall. Now I understand that some people are skeptical about blue and no you don’t HAVE to have blue eyes to pull this off. Thanks almay for making us believe that we need to stick to specific colors (instead of hues) for specific eye colors, in case you can’t tell I’m being sarcastic. I believe that anyone can wear color from any family, it just has to be the right hue to match not only your skin tone but your personality, I’ll get more into this in another post :).

Here are some of my favorite ads and eyeliners to try this season:


Metallic Teal Blue
True Teal
Navy Night







Marloes wearing Navy Night
Barbara Palvin wearing Turquoise
Close Up


























8) Shinny Metallics

Shine like a Star! Metallics always make a comeback every year whether for fall or spring, I say invest in some good metallic pieces that you can incorporate into your wardrobe. So no matter what you’ll always be on trend and in style, though make sure your piece reflects or mirrors light, you don’t want to make this trend look dull. I’m a gold kind of girl but in my collection I included silver as well, this gives me variety and versatility. Again with this fall trend don’t over do it. Keep it simple with a few pieces or with only one large piece (like a top or bottom).

Jimmy Choo
Manolo Blahnik
Miu Miu
Tory Burch
3.1 Phillip Lim






Tom Ford


Bec & Bridge


















9) Benefit They’re Real Push-Up Liner

Holy Moly. Stop the press! Everyone should have this amazing eyeliner in their makeup bag. What makes a great eyeliner, you may ask? My answer is the ease of use and if it makes your checklist of wants. For example this is my checklist for the best eyeliner: Has to have dense color, long lasting, no smudging (unless I want it to ;)), and be easy to work with. So far this eyeliner has surpassed my expectations, it fills down to the lashes too!!! Rumor has it that it took Benefit Scientists 5 years to develop this product not only due to the formula but working with the packaging as well. It’s a rubber tipped pen with a dial that twists to slowly dispense the gel eyeliner. This has to be one of the easiest eyeliners I have ever used. I’ll be posting some How To videos soon!

Benefit They’re Real Push-Up Liner


10) Boots, Boots, and more Boots!

There are really 3 looks popping up this fall: Lace Up, Ankle Booties, and High Life.

Lace Up – There are two ways to wear this fall trend flat or heeled, but no matter your preference you should def let the laces be the main focus of your boots.

Freda Salvador
3.1 Phillip Lim
Alberto Fermani








Ankle Booties – Make this look new again by adding some sex appeal. Buckles, zippers, laces, fur, and studs can take this look from bland to va va voom.

Giuseppe Zanotti
Isabel Marant
Saint Laurent







Sam Edelman
Bottega Veneta








High Life – Move over knee high boots, this year it’s all about those thighs. Thigh high boots used to be looked as slutty and trashy but now the fashion world has stopped all bad mouthing and pushed this to Falls Must Have List. I am such a fan of thigh high, I love how it can shape your legs to a sexier and slender you. They are the Spanx of Shoes. When you invest in this trend (I say trend but this is one thing that is going to stay for a very long time) be sure to find something that fits you and your life. This means if you don’t really wear heels, then don’t get something that is sky high. Also pay attention to the material: Suede vs Leather. I prefer both!

Alexander McQueen











marc jacobs
Marc Jacobs
Sergio Rossi

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