Fall Closet Clean Up!

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It’s that time of the year to prep your closet for the changing seasons. Well really this should have been done by now but with a baby I’m ALWAYS late!

Ok so there are some easy steps that I follow when cleaning out the old and make room for the new (new season that is).

  1. Go through all my summer items and either store, repair/clean, replace, or simply leave it cause I can wear it through the fall months. I usually have a bin ready to place all my items and I start with shoes. All sandals, wedges, and bright colored shoes go at the bottom. I do keep two pairs of flip flops out for those “just in case” reasons but really I tuck all things “open skin” away. It’s actually fun in the spring when I pull this bin out to swap clothes, it’s like I went shopping and have all new items to use! With the shoes, I put in some dryer sheets and then a towel. This keeps them fresh until next time. I then put in shorts, all swimwear but 1 piece, and anything thin strapped or strapless, tops and dresses alike. I still keep my sleeveless tops because there is still a weather transition and sometimes we still get those nice warm days.
  2. After all my summer clothes are in the bin, I tuck it away until the spring. Next I go through all the clothing left. I ask myself two questions: “Did I wear this last year” and “Does it fit”? If I didn’t wear it last year I try to incorporate it into my 40 piece wardrobe so that it does get worn. If throughout the 90 days and I don’t really like it, it’s gone! When “it doesn’t fit” I hold onto it until winter, if I didn’t lose the weight by then, then I’ll get rid of it. Remember you are the heaviest in the winter so if you are starting the season with tight fitting clothing, it may not end well.
  3. I winterize all my shoes! You have to do this if you have leather or suede boots, this will prolong their life and prep them for what’s to come. If you spent money on them, then keep them clean and protected. If anything needs to be replaced I like to do it at the beginning of the season, that way you’ll catch the latest trends, colors, and unique styles. You could wait for the end of season but that’s only OK for the generic black or brown knee high boots.
  4. Last, I prep my 40 piece wardrobe. I hate to rush in the mornings so I arrange my closet so I can easily grab items from my wardrobe and run out the door. If you don’t have a capsule wardrobe, IT’S OK, arrange your closet to suit your style. This could either be by color, by type, or by weekday vs weekend wear. Since I have 2 racks for clothes I do two sets, one for lounge and one for my capsule wardrobe. I use my capsule wardrobe for work and most weekends, but when it’s just us and the baby I don’t need to be in my best dress and I pull out some leggings and an oversized sweater.


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