Euro Chic Coats

  • SumoMe

Finding a coat is difficult, it needs to fit your body, be the right color, and fit your style. In this case there are three types of coats that scream Euro Chic: a Cashmere Overcoat, a Wrap Coat, and of course a Fur!

The Overcoat has to be Cashmere, ok maybe not HAS TO BE but something with a luxurious feel. An Overcoat hangs from the shoulders (so the fit needs to be perfect) it also has a fold over collar and metal buttons (could be single or double breasted).

A Wrap Coat will have extra material, so when the wind blows it doesn’t blow it completely open, it also has a belt that you can tie into a bow. This coat needs to be elegant and sophisticated, it can be wool but satin is the way to go.

Fur! Oh I love fur, it’s so soft and warm, though I understand the negativeness that comes from wearing it, it is the most luxurious article of clothing coveted by many. The length should hit just above or just below the knee, never cropped or floor length (save those for a different style).

L to R: Diane von Furstenberg, Kate Spade, Adam Lippes, St. John, Lady Gaga