Euro Chic Accessories

  • SumoMe

When accessorizing your Euro Chic wardrobe think Luxury: Quilted, Structured, Snakeskin, Leather, and Gold.

Bags: While out shopping think about the placement of the bag, this will help you when achieving this look. It should hang from your forearm and hit right at your waist. A chain strap shoulder bag is OK as long as there is texture and the length works with your body.

T to B and L to R: Milly, Diane von Furstenberg, Dolce & Gabbana, and Ralph Lauren Collection


While your bag is on your forearm, your wrist is exposed; this is where you accessorize with jewelry. The Euro Chic look is neither about necklaces nor earrings; you don’t need to add them since your outfit will be already structured and lux. The wrist is a very sophisticated area on your body; it’s the first place you spray perfume, you turn to it for time, and if you talk with your hands it is a focal point for people.

L to R: Cartier, MIJA, and Kate Spade