Berry Skinny Pants with Video!

  • SumoMe

I took this video in my closet as I was styling outfits for my berry/magenta skinny pants. I thought it would be cool to show you how easy it is to combine outfits in my wardrobe.

There are a couple of key things to think about. 1) Don’t be afraid of mixing patterns with a bright color. That’s the most fun! Which leads to 2) Know what your fun colors are. By understanding your color forecast you’ll make better decisions when purchasing and have a collection of bright colors to choose from and easy to style.

The theory about this wardrobe is to have at least 5 to +9 combos that you can style per pant. That way you are not wearing the same outfit over and over. These pants gave me 17 outfits 10 of which I included in this video and the rest I added afterwards as backups.



1) Black Sweater

2) Lip Sweater

3) Purple Blazer + similar colored T-Shirt (*I said same in the video but it is actually a wine color in the same family as the pants)

4) Tribal Sweater

5) Purple Sweater

6) Jean Shirt

7) Leopard Button-Up

8) Gold Turtleneck

9) White Stripped Shirt

10) 3/4 White Shirt

11) White Sweater


12) Purple Blazer + 3/4 White Shirt

13) Purple Blazer + Jean Shirt

14) Jean Shirt under Black Sweater

15) Jean Shirt under White Sweater

16) Queen Graphic Sweatshirt

17) Queen Graphic Sweatshirt on backwards + Purple Blazer



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