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I’m a little obsess with my brows, LOL. I can’t leave the house without them done perfectly (or at least close to perfect) :). Because of this I do spend a lot of time working on them and needless to say I really don’t trust anyone to pluck, wax, or trim my brows.When I was in college I actually did a 5 hour drive to a professional permanent makeup artist and had my brows tattooed. At the time thin brows were in and I loved them!

Ali and Me
Brows Close Up
Ali and Me…Again!









I went back 2 years later for a touch up but now faced with 3 years that have gone by and the thicker brow trend, I had to do something. They have been unruly and out of control, to the point that I needed help! So I goggled best brow sculptures in the East Coast and found a Benefit Brow Bar in Westport that had rave reviews. I scheduled an appointment for later that day.

If you don’t know Benefit Cosmetics by name, you def know them by look; they have this retro vibe of artwork all over their products. Cute pics and catchy names! Benefit was founded by twin sisters in San Francisco in 1976, recently in 1999 LVMH (Moët Hennessy • Louis Vuitton) acquired Benefit and now the company is growing bigger and faster than ever. I’ve been seeing the Benefit Cart in airports, most recently the Detroit airport 🙂



I showed up to my appointment a little early to scope the place out. OMG my hands were in everything! I had to touch this, and that, and oh look at this, oh that’s so cute, and OMG I want that! I was like a kid in a pink candy store.

IMG_5246-0.JPG        IMG_5247.JPG


I sat with a woman named Joy, who has been an esthetician for 15 years, though she def didn’t look it. Not only was she pleasant and friendly but she really listened to my concerns of thinning hair and missing patches. What I loved most was that she used about 12 sticks on my brows. Meaning that she didn’t just do 2-3 strips of wax, she was doing such small sections and paying great attention to detail. I was smiling the whole time! Finally someone who understands me!!!!!! She helped me redefine my shape and told me where to tweeze and where not to tweeze. Honestly I watch a lot of YouTube videos on brow shaping and sculpting (oh and I have one on my blog as well) but unless you can really “feel” your shape you should take a trip down to Benefit Brow Bar where a true expert can help you with the contouring of your bone structure and best way to fill in your brows.

Right after my session.
Nice and filled 🙂
Now the other side
What beautiful brows! For a such goofy face 😛

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